Kata Kolektif is about breaking it all down.

Kata Kolektif  is a Malaysian publication which offers a young, well-researched perspective on current affairs in the country (and occasionally the world).

We focus on writing pieces which explain complicated topics, providing a platform for diverse views and perspectives often neglected in Malaysian media.


We believe in fair and balanced coverage, whilst acknowledging that “fair” and “balanced” are often used to equivocate unequal views. See: debates about global warming which pit one scientist and one climate-denier against one another.This means that certain views, while they may be covered, will be covered ethically and responsibly. Neutrality itself is a political position, and we do not believe that it is possible to report in a truly “neutral” manner.

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The Team

Wan Irdina

BM Editor

Wan Irdina has a background in broadcast journalism, historical research with a focus on Southeast Asia. She is passionate about human rights and all things pop culture.

Calan Eskandar

Legal Specialist

Calan Eskandar is a budding young lawyer who started his career in Khazanah Nasional Berhad. He has had a keen interest in constitutional law, corporate governance and civil rights.  In university, he was actively involved in the Innocence Project, a student-led pro-bono group which aimed to liberate wrongfully convicted individuals.

Mikhail Hanafi

Digital Lead

Mikhail graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in Sociology and International Relations. He’s had experience writing, producing and creating content in student media. He’s also got a deep passion for pop culture.